Finca Pandora is a quality business focused on delivering a premium product. We have developed the systems for sustainable agriculture, strongly biased towards biological growing with low pesticide use.

Our state of the art water recycling system sterilizes and recirculates our water. This, combined with the ability to control the humidity, leads to limited evaporation. Nutrient rich water is delivered directly to the plants root, a process that uses far less water than outdoor grown crops per kg.

Our plants are grown in an inert growing medium, perlite and rock wool, meaning there is no depletion of soil nutrients or any soil erosion.

Protected cropping yields 60 times more product than outdoor-grown crop and utilizes far less water per kg. The higher yields and different growing techniques mean far less land is required for growing. And as we plant in the same area each season, there’s no need to clear more land to find nutrients rich soil or let fields “rest” for a season.

Finca Pandora is constantly reviewing our product to ensure we deliver a consistently delicious, juicy and tasty product to our customer.