Our premium produce is carefully grown and delivered to the customer, wherever they are in Nicaragua or overseas.

With flavor as the number one priority, you can always be confident of a great tasting product when you see the Finca Pandora brand.

Tomatoes (Roma, Beefsteak, Cherry, Heirloom)

Aromatic, fresh and flavorsome are the signatures of a great tomato.

There is nothing like the flavor of a glossy red tomato directly from the vine.

We harvest only the best tomato fresh from the vine and place them carefully on trays, which are then packed to ensure the delicious natural flavor gets locked in, each and every time!.

The sweet burst of intense flavor as you bite into a cherry tomato is a delightful addition to any meal, taking food from everyday to extraordinary.

Cherry tomatoes are an easy way to add extra vitamins and nutrients to your diet if you add them to meals, salads or even if you tuck into them on their own!.


Our crunchy and delicious lettuces are produced under 100% hydroponic systems that keep total food safety. You could chose our Iceberg, Summer crisp, Romaine, Butterhead, etc...


La impresionante cáscara externa de color púrpura que se ve en nuestras berenjenas es un resultado de haber sido cultivada en nuestros invernaderos. Sin semillas amargas y con una vida útil más duradera, nuestras berenjenas son la adición versátil perfecta a cualquier plato del Mediterráneo, el Medio Oriente o Asia.


The stunning purple outer skin you see on our eggplants is a result of being grown in our greenhouses. With no bitter seeds and a longer shelf life, our eggplants are the perfect versatile addition to any Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Asian dish.


That signature crunch when you bite into a cucumber is a Finca Pandora hallmark. With a crisp and refreshing flavor, these add a superior taste to salads and sandwiches. Because they are grown in greenhouses, their shelf life is improved and the deep green skin is consistently developed.

Bell Pepper

Whether they’re served raw, stir fried, grilled, baked or preserved, our bell pepper pack a flavor punch. Because they are allowed to fully ripen on the plant, our red, orange and yellow bell pepper have a far superior appearance, quality, taste and shelf life.

With grading, packing and dispatch all completed on the same day as picking, there is no question our capsicums arrive fresh and bursting with flavor.

  • Okra
  • Asian Greens (Pak Choi, Joi Choi, Chinese cabbage, etc...)
  • Arugula
  • Mustard …. , etc...